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A tribute to our dear friend, Dr. Moonjuice, who singlehandedly removed the animals to the moon in order to leave us with more room to build things.


released May 1, 2010

All songs composed, performed and recorded by Nicholas Russell & Christopher Postill. Saxophone on "Cycles" by Iain Farrell. Recorded in a cabin in the forest.



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Track Name: A Girl Washing A Fox
Noise in a crooked old house
Lonely she washes a fox
Her bike lies covered in snow
Happy to fill the time
Track Name: Body Speeches
Cold, black hole
I'm waiting
For the story of
The fight
And wait
We are the ghosts of the city

The sun
And moon
Its low
Its love
Its low

Constant body speeches

Old, fat whore
Walking on all fours
Set wires
& bait
After the ghosts of the city

We found,
All fours.
Its low
In love
Its low
Track Name: The Funambulist
Confident, maybe
Won’t let it up
Careful and failing
All that you are

We are debted to you,
Our love is our lives
We are debted to you
For standing up

Only three four
Only three or five

You’re slobbering, smile
Such a gentleman
Good mannered people
Wonder where they went wrong

We are debted to you,
Our luck is a lie
We are debted to you
For standing up

Something must be wrong with your body
I already know
It gets under your skin
Always, always
Your father was a devil
Your mother was a criminal
And now you scare yourself
Original, original
Track Name: Tables Spinning
Fret for the good boys
The ones who are left small joys
Praise for the good voice
To lift their worry

This is the first time and the last time
You'll see
You came about without reasons
Or sleep

Crave for the new world
To hold you over
Short lists of odd wrongs
That fill our head aches

This is the first time and the last time
You'll see
You came about without reasons
Or sleep
Track Name: Mytaloria
When growing ends, the forming sends a sound
To you, my friend, with cup in hand
Filled with stagnant bubbles and your white coat hanging down.

The clever mens experiments are found
In fibres in the carpet
and the dust on your nightgown

Fessing up or losing steam,
I don't know where I'm supposed to be
I am all that's near and fading right
Im all that's near and fading left.

And I dont listen anyway,
its how is added up to be.
I'm all that's here and fading fast
I'm all that's here and fading left.
Track Name: Thom Yorke Vs. Bjork
Oh god, I want your toes
I want to eat them all
I won’t throw them up
Until you do as you’re told

Like a tiny gnome
Your body is so small
I won’t let you up
You are going to be trouble

Will break,
Right in front of you
Will run our mouths and speak into our shirts.

I want to eat you both
I want to make me full
I want your fat and old
I want original
Track Name: The Animals Are Leaving Two At A Time
Dr. Moonjuice, what have you done?
You've brought us to our end
The king on the moon says he'll only come out at night,
We've been waking up to early
And the animals are tired

They're leaving,
So graceful & slow

The face on the sun is crying volcanoes
She's so sad
She'll spend her days alone
Without the singing birds
Track Name: Mumble Mouth
Gentle flossing over time it takes a smile
All along, truthful, the dress fits the headless iron mule
Mumble mouth always

Can't weep floor taste come back endless making young
Help me formal temper tantrum i get more
Mumble mouth comes always
Track Name: Abgolwatt
Tie my circus down
Use a jack knife
Tie my circus down
Use a cord for it
Track Name: Cycles
All eyelids fixed upon a clock
All its moves in cycles
Face up or sleeping

A blind man riding on a fox
All their moves
In cycles
Cape out and feeling cool.
Track Name: Tables Turning
All our fun on the moon
Grows and grows and grows with food
Everyone nice or nude
Grows and grows and grows with food